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Our Mission

At Fortray Global Services, our mission is clear: to provide innovative and tailored IT solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital era.

We go beyond conventional IT services, offering strategic recruitment solutions that match top-tier talent with organizations seeking to enhance their technical capabilities.

What We Do?

Elevate your business with our core offerings. From comprehensive IT services including network management and cybersecurity solutions to expert IT recruitment, we're here to propel you forward.

But we don't stop at services—we craft tailored IT solutions to suit your unique needs and drive your business objectives. Ready to transform your IT landscape? Click below to learn more and unlock your business's full potential.

About 1
About 1

Our Values

  • Precision: Expertly crafted IT solutions and meticulous recruitment matches.
  • Trustworthiness: Honesty in IT services and accountable recruitment.
  • Innovation Hub: Creative IT solutions and inventive recruitment strategies.
  • Synergy: Collaborative excellence in IT services and unified recruitment approaches.
  • Client Focus: Tailored IT solutions and personalized recruitment.
  • Adaptability: Evolving mastery in dynamic IT services and agile recruitment strategies.

Our Team

Meet the Minds Behind Our Success

Mazhar Minhas


James Butt

IT Cyber Security Consultant

Qadeer Hussain

IT Security Consultant

Farooq Zafar

IT Support Manager

We’re Trusted By

Serving esteemed clients, our IT services go beyond expectations. We provide tailored solutions, ensuring optimal performance, security, and seamless technological integration for sustained business success.

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