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Candidate Screening

And we believe we’re excellent at it after assisting in the recruitment of thousands of new staff for businesses big and small, in the UK and around the world.

All the candidates that Fortray presents to you have undergone thorough screening and engagement. We don't send and won't send any prospective candidates who haven't gone through our candidate screening procedure.

We will always uphold our candidate commitments while interacting with any possible candidates. By doing this, you can be confident that you're getting a genuine consulting service that only recommends candidates that are familiar with your company and the position that's open. Our candidates will be thoroughly informed on how the opportunity relates to their background and professional goals. Our screening procedure assures you that we never waste your time while always hiring qualified professionals for the businesses we partner with.

Prior to the start of the assignment, the required documentation will be obtained and confirmed for Temporary Contracts. This can be directly discussed with our recruitment team if part or all of this is necessary at any other step of our screening process. For permanent/fixed term contracts, we'll get all your paperwork done and get it verified for you.

How our team screen the candidates

We are aware that every client we work with has unique needs when it comes to pre-employment screenings. A candidate compliance checklist will be agreed upon by you and your personal consultant when you select Fortray as your recruiting service provider.

  1. Open candidate requirement interview on the first stage.
  2. A second stage interview that is role specific.
  3. Third: Interview for confirmation or acknowledgment
  4. Finally, Fortray will provide a candidate for your selected contact who is totally qualified.

Our Compliance Requirements

When a candidate first contacts Fortray, all compliance documentation will be requested, and we'll keep doing so as long as we're assisting them with their job search or until the material is provided. Our system is regularly backed up, and our industry-leading software is configured to keep all this information under rigorous data protection laws. We ask our candidates for the following documents. However, our own checklist can be expanded if further compliance checks are required:

  1. Proof of employment eligibility and/or security.
  2. Names and phone numbers of at least two approved references/ key referees (including their current employer).
  3. Copies of important credentials and professional certification certificates.
  4. Current address verification for our applicant