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Advice for Candidates Regarding Competency-Based Interviews

You might be required to participate in a competency-based interview as part of the hiring process. The information below serves as a brief introduction to competency-based interviews, which may differ slightly from other interviews you have participated in in the past.


A systematic interviewing method called competency-based interviewing seeks to elicit information about your potential for success in a specific position. This is accomplished by having you recount instances in the past when you have proven specific competencies (or job-relevant behaviors). Investigating your past experiences is essential since research shows that past behavior is a reliable indicator of future behavior. The employer will quiz you on several competencies that they believe will help you succeed in the position you are applying for. You will be asked several questions about each competency to offer you multiple chances to exhibit your skills and ensure the interviewer has enough information about every aspect of the individual competency.

Talking to a client about particular past experiences rather than your general working style will help them appreciate your suitability for the position entirely. It's also crucial that you focus on your actions rather than the performance of the group you were a part of. The format of a competency-based interview question typically looks like this so you can have a better idea of the questions you might be asked: "Tell me more about...." or "Describe a period when...."

The identical questions will be posed to all applicants for a specific position. This is to ensure that everyone is treated equally and that the process is fair. To ensure they have a complete record of everything you have said, your interviewer will take notes while you speak. These two factors together may give the interview a rather impersonal feeling. Still, they are necessary to ensure that the procedure is entirely impartial and fair and that your comments are accurately documented. After the interview and throughout the selection process, you will have the opportunity to discover more about the business.

Advice on how to do well in a competency-based interview.

Before going for the interview:

  1. Consider the behaviors that may be necessary to complete the job.
  2. Consider instances in the past where you have proven your ability, such as successful projects, positive interactions with others, persuading a challenging audience, or analyzing a lot of data.
  3. Avoid limiting yourself to only work-related instances. You can also provide successful examples from your studies or interests.

After the interview

  1. Pay close attention to each question and ensure you answer it with an example. Do not simply tell the interviewers what you want to hear.
  2. Talk about a single instance rather than your typical behavior.
  3. Describe what you did, such as "I spoke to a variety of people," rather than "We spoke to..."