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Offering insights to shape strategy

We understand the questions & give you the Answers

In today's competitive times organisations must be able to hire and retain the best talent to truly succeed and grow. Core Talent Tactical Consultancy Services has evolved over time from 'our traditional' recruitment services as our clients would ask us:

  1. What do we need to do to attract the best?
  2. How do we retain our best performers?
  3. Is our team really engaged?
  4. Can you help us reduce the time our leadership team spend on recruitment?
  5. We are growing so fast but we cannot recruit enough good people. Can you help?

Our Consultants will work closely in a non-intrusive way to identify issues and opportunities within your end2end talent attraction, retention, and recruitment processes.

We will deliver valuable insights and make recommendations to improve your talent attraction and retention, and then work with your team to embed a sustainable solution which will deliver long lasting results and benefits.

Other Value Added Services

Market Mapping

Core Talent will complete mapping exercises for individual roles or groups of roles/skills as required by our clients and provide a detailed report. We can produce an extensive list of data; for example, we can present numbers of candidates by role/skillset, competitor tracking of similar roles, and retention levels. We can overlay this with candidate expectations such as Employer Value Proposition through direct contact with a selected number of candidates. Where applicable, can also include non-perm contractor/interim data to provide comparison data.

Employer Branding & EVP

Our brand and marketing team will work with you to create an authentic and attractive employer brand. We can also work with you to promote your EVP across social media channels to increase your brand reach and help attract and retain the best talent in your market. Our Services include everything from strategic rebranding, creative development to social media posting.

Talent Pipelining

We work with the client to identify the most at-risk or challenging to find roles. Core Talent flags and monitors potentially suitable candidates to create a talent pipeline (eco-system) that is regularly monitored and refreshed. Where specific roles/skills require pooling, Core Talent will work with clients to understand the role brief and pool according to agreed parameters. For example, target hire date, role sign-off, recruitment project/strategy timelines, or milestones.

Here is an overview of the services we offer within our Consulting Services