Job Guarantee and Money Back Policy

We will endeavor for a period of 6 (full time) to 12 months (part-time) from successful completion of your training & Internship package to obtain you a Job opportunity within your chosen field.

Whilst these certifications are challenging for some candidates, we provide you with free re-training (applicable to online or Self-paced Learning) in all modules for 18-24 months* after you start the course.

If you don’t achieve an IT job of £20-45K (depends upon your program) within 15 weeks of completing our program (20 weeks if you undertake a work placement) we will pay you back £500 per month (other than official exam costs) until your training fees are fully paid back When you gain an IT job of between £20-45K (depends upon your program) the repayments will stop provided that all the following conditions have been fulfilled:

  • All training exams (as per Packages) and assessments deemed necessary by us or course providers must have passed within the stipulated period.
  • All monies owed by you must be paid in full.
  • No offer of a job with a starting salary of £20,000 or more per year has been made to you. For those on the engineering package, no offer of a job with a starting Salary of £25,000 or more per year has been made to you.
  • Have not failed to attend a job interview without a valid reason within a 100mile radius of your home location.
  • Have not failed to respond to our or our partner’s communications during the recruitment process.
  • Do not require sponsorship.
  • Have attended and followed our CV and Job guidance program including Update my LinkedIn profile.
  • Have completed our 3 to the 6-month inhouse Internship program
  • Communicate regularly during the job recruitment and interview process.
  • Provide regular job interview feedback to our recruitment team
  • Attend a minimum of 10 Interviews in the last 3 x months after successful completion of the program.
  • Pass the exam at the UK/EU Testing Centre only (a Remote pass is not allowed)
  • All Candidate must provide prove of exam center to our Support team

You are not obligated to but if you choose to accept a job offer for less than our salary guarantee outlined above this will void the money-back guarantee. This could be applicable for students seeking part-time or contract positions instead of full-time.