Fortray SSL VPN

Fortray Networks are pleased to provide 24/7, secure access via SSL VPN for our rack for all our delegate so that they can work at their convenience.

It can work for any operating system.


Summary of the steps

  1. Download the FortiClient software

  2. Install the FortiClinet software

  3. Configure

  4. Connect

  5. Testing

Step 1 – Download

Whatever the operating system you have, Download the FortiClient from by clicking the below Forticlinet Shield ICON.



Step 2 – Install

Fortinet provides many services to the remote end user. However, we only need to use for “SSL Client”.

Double-click the downloaded file and install it on your machine.

Note: you need to have a good internet connection

It will scan the file; you can stop and go for next

  1. Accept the agreement
  2. Only select the VPN
  3. Give a path
  4. FortiClient for VPN only in progress

Step 3 – Configure

Make sure Select SSL-VPN AND NOT IPsec VPN 

  1. Connection name: Fortray-VPN (Can be anything)
  2. Description: Fortray Remote SSL VPN (can be anything)
  3. Remote Gateway: (must be same)
  4. Customize port: 4434 (must be same)
  5. Click Do not warn Invalid Server Certificate
  6. Click Apply

Step 4 – Connect

Once you configure the above setting, you can connect via the existing VPN user already provided by our team.

Note:if you do not have VPN user details, please email to or use Fortray Contact Page.

It will connect to the remote VPN.


Step 5 – Test

Depending upon your topology provided, please check.

Fortray VPN - Video Tutorial